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Shekonic Group Ltd long-term focuses on R&D, design, manufacturing, procurement, quality control and logistics service for components of transit bus, motor coach, recreational vehicle, school bus and other vehicles. For more than a decade, Shekonic Group Ltd has won recognition and trust from North America’s leading bus and coach manufacturers by our professional services and competitive price. We are not only designated as the tier one suppliers by our clients, but also has won the ‘gold award’ or ‘silver award’ for consecutive years in their annual supplier competitions.


 Motor Coach

 Recreational Vehicle

 New Fuel-efficient Vehicle

 Specialty Vehicle


Shekonic Group Ltd specializes in design, procurement, manufacturing and sales of customized components, consumables and repair parts of machinery products. Such as truck, loader, bulldozer, excavator, grader, concrete mixer and municipal construction machinery. Shekonic Group Ltd can provide one-stop shopping solutions to global clients by our rich industry experience, well-developed customization & supply system.




 Concrete Mixer

 Other Construction Machinery

We understand that successful agricultural & forestry planting, landscape construction & maintenance need all kinds of excellent equipment. That is the reason why we insist in providing high quality, reliable and durable components to related equipment and vehicles. Our rich industrial design experience, strict procurement, well-established logistics system and local warehousing services enable us to provide integral and customized components supplying services to agricultural, forestry as well as landscaping equipment manufacturers.

Agriculture Equipment

 Forestry Equipment

 Landscaping Equipment

Shekonic Group Ltd has been working hard on providing services of components design, manufacturing as well as procurement to the manufacturers in the fields of building high-speed train, subway train, tram and LRV. We offer high quality, cost-effective and timely sourcing solution to key components that are applied in mechanical and electrical. ” Together Build Excellence” is our motto, Shekonic keeps working closely with our clients from initial designing all the way to final delivery to ensure we can meet all demands from our clients our engineers and product developers will strive to realized your envision as long as we are provided with drawings, samples or even just an idea.

High-speed Train 

 Subway Train 



Modernized automatic production with high accuracy has brought fundamental revolution to manufacturing industry. The continuous development of automation technology in areas such as component processing & assembly, moving & handing, testing & measuring have opened new horizons to traditional manufacturing industry. Shekonic Group Ltd strives to provide excellent component sourcing solution to the leading automatic manufacturing and logistics system providers in various industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, food processing, automotive, etc. 

Processing & Assembly 

 Moving & Handing 

 Testing & Measuring



Good components to port equipment increase operator efficiency and improve throughout. Shekonic Group Ltd can provide effective sourcing solutions for components of various port equipment including reach stacker, container handler, forklift and large port cranes (ship-to-shore container crane and gantry crane). We also provide components to offshore marine heavy industry and marine vessels, including offshore wind power construction, dredging & seabed mining, large-scale lifting vessel, pipe laying vessel, cable ship and general cargo ship.

Port Equipment

 Marine Heavy Industry 

 Marine Vessel