Becoming Partner

01 /  Partner recruitment for market development 

Shekonic group Ltd founded in 2006 has celebrated its 13th birthday and has been a great success story. Shekonic is based upon Asian resources and insists on business integrity. Based on our professional & effective solutions, high quality & reasonable priced products, localized warehousing service, punctual & reliable delivery, Shekonic has become one of the top industrial suppliers and won recognition and trust from North America’s leading bus and coach manufacturers. 

2019 is a special and important year for Shekonic. In the field of parts supply, we have formed our unique supply system. Shekonic Composites Co., Ltd. (Fiber reinforced composite material manufacturing entity) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shekonic group Ltd and has finished preparation and put into operation in early 2019. In this new starting point, we need fresh vigor and momentum and we are recruiting sales partners worldwide. No matter which country or city you are in, as long as you have certain contacts, resources and channels in the fields of automobile, railway transportation, construction machinery, agriculture and forestry machinery and other vehicle or equipment manufacturing industry, you can always reach to us. We will adopt the principle of "seeking common ground while reserving differences and adapting measures to local conditions" to give you the best support and work together with you to open up the market! Please note that partners are not limited to individuals but can also be teams or businesses.

Recruitment method

Please collect relevant information and send it to the email:, or contact(+86)21-34667633 

02 / Supplier partner recruitment 

In order to further expand our supplier system and build a one-stop outsourcing system for vehicle and equipment procurement in the fields of road transportation, rail transit, construction machinery and agriculture & forestry machinery, we are facing whole China (key regions: Hunan, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Hubei, Eastern China) to collect relevant supplier partners.

We strive to provide a broader platform for China's parts manufacturers to meet international standards, improve the design and production concept as well as quality level. We will make key recommendations to customers according to their needs to form a "one-stop", "multi-category" and "full-coverage" outsourcing procurement supply chain and achieve multi-win. Welcome all suppliers to participate in the collection and look forward to working with you! 

Recruitment method

Please organize the following information and send it to

Subject: company name + supplied product or contact (+86) 21-34667633

Information includes but is not limited to: company name, contact information, company profile, main business, main products, industry cases and experience, relevant qualification certificates, industry ranking, etc.

03 / Design & development partners recruitment

The reason why Shekonic group Ltd can win the trust and dependence of customers is that we can not only provide the products that meet the requirements according to customers' drawings and technical documents, but also develop related products according to their needs and potential demands. In order to better serve our customers as well as consolidate and improve our competitiveness, we are now recruiting global industrial design and industrial products development partners to achieve common development. Please note: partner can be a person, a design company, a design institute, a research and development team or a university.

Recruitment method

Please organize the following information and send it to or contact (+86)21-34667633

Information includes but is not limited to: personal and company name, contact information, profile, industry cases and experience, relevant qualifications, rankings, etc.

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