The success of any product starts with design and prototyping. Shekonic Composites offers full service support during product design process. We provide system mold and jig design to ensure the long-term performance of the design with a competitive cost in the market .

Some of our specific FRP composites design services include:

point.png Design Management System

point.png Concept Design

point.png Composite Part Rendering

point.png 3D Modeling(Pro/E , UG, SolidWorks and other 3D software)

point.png Reverse Engineering( 3D Scanner )

point.png Structural Analysis

point.png Tooling Design

point.png Composite Material Selection

point.png Process Method Selection

point.png Physical and Mechanical Part Testing

Moreover, Shekonic Composites is eager to advance client’s finalized design into the prototyping phase, which is a key stage in the success of any manufacturing project.

*1. Based on the study conducted in 2012. | 2. International study for mechanical properties of all types of hair in 2012. | 3. Compared to non-oiled hair oil

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