Shekonic Composites stands ready to provide FRP composites product manufacturing services that are required by your project, from first-run prototypes to large-scale production.

Some areas of our manufacturing expertise include:

point.png Manufacturing Process 





Hand Lay-up

point.png Custom Mold & Jig 

point.png Tool Rooms on Site at Manufacturing Facility

point.png Accurate Dimension Control

point.png Resin Injection

Injection Pressure

Injection Speed

Injection Temperature

point.png Customized and Dedicated Manufacturing Cells

point.png Automated De-flashing and Finishing(painting and coating)

point.png Robotics Capabilities


Mold & Jig Design and Fixtures

CNC Model Processing

Gel-coating Spraying

Water Cutting System

Long-term Cost and Quality Advantages

Improvement in Efficiency

point.png Real-time, Shop Floor ERP System 

point.png Custom Packaging

point.png Multiple Facilities for Risk Mitigation

In Shekonic Composites, mold and Jig will be maintained at no additional cost for the duration of its expected mold-life, except when the customer makes engineering or design changes. At the same time, we guarantee full service mold repairment at plant. From front-end engineering support to a thorough follow-up, you can depend on our specialists to produce long-life, high quality products.

*1. Based on the study conducted in 2012. | 2. International study for mechanical properties of all types of hair in 2012. | 3. Compared to non-oiled hair oil

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