Shekonic Composites is equipped with a wide range of equipment to finish the process of design,  machining, finishing (painting and coating), injection molding, inspection and more.

Main equipment reference:

point.png Handy 3D Scanner 

14 Laser Lines ( plus 1 additional laser line ) 

Accurate and Fast Scanning

Reverse Modelin

point.png Automation System

6-axis Robot Gel-coating Spraying System

■Tooling Design & Bench Marking

Automatic Gel-coating Spraying

6-axis Water Cutting System

■Unified Tooling Benchmark Design Management

■Automatic Water Cutting

4-Axis CNC Model Processing

point.png Manufacturing Equipment

Swedish BLT Air Compressor

German Becker Vacuum Pump

America Graco Resin Heater

America Graco Injection Machine

Gel-coat Spray Gun


Four-axis CNC Engraving Machine

Warming Machine

point.png Inspection and Testing

Multifunctional Tester

■Tensile Strength ■Elastic Modulus ■Bending Strength ■Bending Modulus  ■Compressive Strength

Using Scope:

■Using for Tension, Compression, Peeling, Shearing, Tearing, Bending and Other Tests; Graphic Output Printing, Precision Controlling; Modular Designing, Flexible Collocation

■Suitable for Mechanical Properties Testing of Metals and Other Materials; Suitable for Constant Stress, Constant Strain, Creep, Relaxation, Axial and Other Dead Cycle Tests.

■Applicable to GB/JIS/ASTM/DIN and Other Standards 

■Sound Velocities of Materials Can Be Stored(5 kinds)

Hardness Tester

*1. Based on the study conducted in 2012. | 2. International study for mechanical properties of all types of hair in 2012. | 3. Compared to non-oiled hair oil

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